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Welcome to the Parachute Podcast, where host Tom Lydon discusses the experience, wit and wisdom of people of influence in the area of finance and investing.

You’ve landed at a place where advisors and investors are looking to learn from others.

A financial parachute offers you safety over time. But your parachute is different from everyone else’s. It’s made from experiences, time, people you know and your own individual interests.

How much time and effort you put into building your parachute will determine how safely you will land.

But first, you need the guts to jump.

Sep 23, 2021

ETF Trends CEO Tom Lydon discussed the Amplify Thematic All-Stars ETF (MVPS) on this week’s “ETF of the Week” podcast with Chuck Jaffe on the MoneyLife Show.

MVPS is a core thematic ETF investing in the themes and stocks considered most popular as determined by U.S. ETF ownership data. MVPS seeks investment results that correspond generally to the ETF All-Stars Thematic Composite Index.